Buy Golani prerolls


Buy Golani prerolls


Buy Golani prerolls

Buy Golani  prerolls are connoisseur grade, premium, hand-crafted, indica dominant infused pre rolls composed of a blend of our exclusive Golani O.G. flowers, mixed with a potent sativa dominant solvent-free concentrate then dipped in primarily CBD dominant C02 hash oil and rolled in high quality kief, giving a smooth but potent pre roll. SC Lab tested and containing over 1.5 grams of Golani infused product, our premium pre roll aids in those who suffer from any ailments or illness providing instant pain relief. By using King size natural RAW papers, we ensure with every drag comes a great tasting, smooth, and natural long lasting experience. ORDER NOW 

Premium Strawberry flavor blend of Top-shelf flower and hash dipped in hash-oil rolled in Kief. Top of the line product from start to finish to deliver a great taste, burn, and experience.

I’ve never been a fan of pre-rolled joints. I think they turned out to be one of the big disappointments of becoming a medical marijuana patient. Before I got my recommendation, I would see people buy these huge pre-rolled joints right at a dispensary. It looked so cool.

Buy Golani prerolls

However, right after It became legal for me to actually shop at a dispensary, I learned the secret. Those pre-rolled joints are actually terrible. I’ve had a few that were okay, but usually, they’re unsmokeable to decent at best. They often don’t taste right and I have the suspicion some of them have been sitting on the shelves long before I had my recommendation in the first place. A few different companies offer premium pre-rolls. These are different because they are made with top-shelf bud, oil, and kief. This particular brand, called a Golani roll, was a welcome deviation from the normal disappointments that pre-rolls usually are.



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