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Buy Pure Kush


Buy Pure Kush

Strain Name: Pure Kush


 Indica dom, Hybrid b85/15. One of the
Strongest kushes I have used. Tested at 25.2% thc, 1.03% CBD…ORDER NOW 

Looks: dark green tight christmas tree nuggs
With dark orange pistols and lots of sticky trichromes

Smell: deep master kush like. Piney forest,with a oak,and earth lingering overtones

Taste: intense oak throat burning kush,with a lot
Of lung expantion,lets you know what your in for

Effects: very Vivid and deep body stone. Slight euphoric mind high
And a little energetic and creativity,but this is a strain for relaxing,pain relief and stress,a little goes a long way..

Buy Pure Kush

Potency: 95/100 highly recommended for a hard hitting Indy that
Will be sure to bring out the kid in you!

Good Strain For: any pain related problems,sleep,depression and anxiety.

Pure Kush’s strength begins with its signature “kush” aroma that is extremely pungent and skunky. Upon first taste, it may have slightly Sativa-like effects and create a pleasant pressure in the head and face. Pure Kush For Sale Online, These head-heavy sensations are complemented by a relaxing body feeling that gives this famous Kush its reputation of one of the most powerful medical strains. This is the Mike Tyson of strains. Legal Pure Kush For Sale Online,.

The hulk of cannabis now has a new partner in crime and his/her name is Pure Kush. Oh, lastly…. it has that beautiful skunky smell we all dream of so make sure you have a good place to keep it. Unless you are ok with your whole block smelling this stinky goodness.


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